Josef Dušek (voice, acoustic guitar) Ivan Kubát (voice, acoustic guitar) Ondřej Kříž (piano, mouth-organ)

Welcome to the website of electro-acoustic trio Flying Parties. We play mainly on weddings, birthday parties, corporate parties or children ones or Easter or Advent markets. All performances are live! A background or sing on various occasions the national anthem and songs from the musicals Hair, Jesus Christ Super Star, etc. Main part of group consists of singer and guitarist Josef Dusek with many years of experience in Prague and Brno musical scene and Ivan Kubat singer and guitarist with an equally rich history. Trio closes all outstanding pianist and multi-instrumentalist Ondřej Kříž, who is for his often busy, replace by such names as Josef Filip, Jara Bart or in the past also Karel Juráň, playing piano on our audio previews. Piano is sometimes replaced by Cajon, played by Ondra Švarc or Bongo and percussion, played by Peter Balas.

Journey-money is 6,- czk / 1km from Tabor in Czech Republic. The price depends on the type of action.

You can call (+420) 777 269 829 or (+420)733 506 269.

We'are looking forward to you